4 things I’ll do in the next 4 years

Naperville is changing. The days of rapid growth and seemingly endless abundance are over.  We have more people with low incomes, and we have homes and commercial areas that look worn down.  We cannot govern a large, mature city the same way earlier councils governed a booming techno-burb in the late 20th century.

Here’s what I want to work on over the next four years:

*  Keep bringing quality jobs and tax base to town.  This helps reduce your property taxes.  Many commercial areas, like much of Ogden, need to be redeveloped.  Private investment flows to where it’s welcomed.  Let’s get this done.

*  Protect older neighborhoods.  Homeowners have a right to maximize their investment return, but if we replace all the moderately sized homes with much bigger ones on small lots, we will get even more flooding and nobody except rich people will be able to live here.  Encourage people to fix up their existing homes and keep our neighborhoods charming.

* Get more housing, probably townhomes and condos, near the downtown.  We’re way behind on this.  Go visit Wheaton or Arlington Heights, where thousands of people live downtown, which helps keep nearby businesses prosperous. We can–we must–accomplish this while protecting existing neighborhoods.

* Improve our infrastructure.  Years ago we improved our electrical service; now we need an updated water and sewer system. We can’t control Mother Nature but we can control how we respond to it.


Joe McElroy



What about flooding?

With so many people running for City Council, some important issues are going to get lost in the shuffle.  I understand it but don’t like it.  Especially discouraging is the lack of discussion about flooding. This is really two problems: one is storm water flooding, when water floods your yard and then gets into your… Continue Reading

Early voting info for Naperville residents

Dates and times: Naperville voters can cast ballots starting on March 23 at Naperville City Hall, 400 S. Eagle St. Early voting extends until April 4. Election day is Tuesday, April 7. DuPage County residents – Cast your ballot at City Hall, in the lower level meeting room A: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. –… Continue Reading

Steve Chirico for mayor

For almost a month now, I’ve been calling voters, seeking their support and hearing their concerns.  Several have asked me who I support for mayor.  Now I’ll tell you. Replacing a living legend is not easy, but I think Naperville will be best served if Steve Chirico is elected mayor. I urge you to support… Continue Reading

Not a lazy Sunday

Great weather, nice people.  Sunday was a good day.  First I went to a brunch organized by Derke Price and Keri-Lynn Krafthefer, two top flight attorneys from Ancel Glink Diamond, a firm that specializes in municipal law.  Derke and Keri-Lyn have been a big help to me since I got involved in local government. After… Continue Reading

Good service, fair prices

People want good value from the City, and most are surprised to find out that the City portion of their property tax bill has gone down three of the past four years. We refused to raise property taxes when values were declining. We have reduced the number of people who work for the City by… Continue Reading

Protecting trees, saving money

Great article in the Naperville Sun/Chicago Tribune about City’s efforts to protect ash trees from the emerald ash borer, a tiny beetle that has killed millions of trees throughout North America the past several years. Shortly after being elected in 2011, I attended a seminar put together by the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation, where I… Continue Reading

Busy, busy

Thanks to the Naperville Township Republication Organization for hosting a candidate forum Saturday.  There are some good people running for City Council. Also Saturday was the annual Emerald Dinner, masterminded by Lynda Reilly and hosted by the West Suburban Irish, a group my Danish-American wife describes as “affable.”  Lynda did her usual great job. The… Continue Reading

District 204 high school students super impressive

Naperville Crossing, the large shopping center on the west side of Route 59 at 95th Street, is an important economic engine and retail center for the Will County portion of Naperville.  So it was with great interest today that I helped judge an event featuring business classes from Waubonsie, Metea and Neuqua valley high schools.  The… Continue Reading

St. Pat’s Parade – FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the St. Patrick’s parade – Q. Can I march with Joe? A. Yes! Send us an email at Q. Can I bring my dog? A. We love dogs! If your dog loves a parade and is good with crowds and child spectators, please bring your pooch. Please let us know… Continue Reading

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