Protecting our homes

Naperville Sun photo of DuPage River, April 19, 2013
Naperville Sun photo of DuPage River, April 19, 2013

Many Naperville homes experience flooding problems following major rainstorms. Despite what engineers claim, the replacement of modest-sized homes with much bigger houses is making the problem worse.

For years the City has been addressing this issue by lining storm sewers with a plastic-type material that vastly reduces leaks. Following a big storm in April of 2014, when the Cress Creek neighborhood was heavily flooded, the City Council added a $1 million to the budget for re-lining and had Cress Creek re-lined a year earlier than originally planned.

Over the past year Councilman Joe McElroy has been working with a committee of Cress Creek neighbors and City staff to address flooding. Improvements are underway, but Councilman McElroy will continue to address flood control during his next term in office.

Other key issues:

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Parade photo by Ron Hume; family photo by Brian Bates

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