Protecting trees, saving money

I am very proud of Naperville’s efforts to protect ash trees from the emerald ash borer, a tiny beetle that has killed millions of trees throughout North America the past several years. Shortly after being elected in 2011, I attended a seminar put together by the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation, where I learned that ash trees could be vaccinated against the killer beetle.  Dr. Bob Buckman, then the head of the confederation, led the charge. After some initial skepticism, City Council agreed to protect trees on city owned property, mostly parkways. Bottom line, from Susan Carlman’s Naperville Sun article: “The total cost of Naperville’s six-year program is expected to come to $5 million. Schwartzhoff said if the city had chosen to remove and replace the trees instead, the expense would have been $13.7 million.”


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Parade photo by Ron Hume; family photo by Brian Bates

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