Bill Simon, Officer, Save Old Nichols Library board

Joe was a key leader with the Save Old Nichols Library organization. From the moment he joined, Joe helped us understand that old buildings can be preserved to have a new economic life. This results in income for private landowners, increased tax revenue to municipalities, and local job creation, all while preserving local history.

Joe tirelessly advocated for Old Nichols with city council members. He stuck to his guns under pressure, and the end result is that the Old Nichols Library Building has been saved, is being beautifully restored, and the owners are lining up businesses to lease it.

Peggy Frank, retired director, Naper Settlement

Peggy FrankDuring his years on City Council, I saw Joe bring his skills, experience and knowledge to articulate, thoughtful discussions on topics germane to the well-being of Naperville’s growth and vitality.  His perspective provides a refreshing balance that is welcome and essential for the important discussions about our community’s present and future.

Chuch Schlabach, past president, Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation

chuck schlabachA vote for Joe McElroy is a vote for a person who cares about Naperville and all its residents. He is an honest, hard-working, dedicated, truth-seeking, sincere individual who will listen and act accordingly. His experience and working closely with both residents, businesses, and other key groups in Naperville has helped him develop better neighborhoods and a better downtown, and has gotten more successful businesses to come to Naperville.

He has done his part to protect our natural resources. He also works well with City Staff and developers to be more cost effective. Joe even listens to us seniors who want more senior services and lower taxes so we can still live in Naperville. With all the changes on the City Council we need to elect Joe McElroy for 4 years, so please get your friends, contacts, church people, and other groups to support a man who should return to the City Council, one of the best-qualified for Naperville City Council and a good friend: Joe McElroy.

State Sen. Michael Connelly

ConnellyJoe McElroy takes a thoughtful approach to the issues confronting Naperville.   On one issue, the emerald ash borer crisis, Joe brought an innovative legislative proposal to me in Springfield. Joe’s personal testimony before the Senate Revenue Committee swayed a number of undecided votes to support the measure.  I greatly appreciate Joe’s help in passing that bill. Joe McElroy serves Naperville well.

Harris and Ruth Fawell

Harris and Ruth Fawell

Joe McElroy is a devoted public servant who deserves election to the Naperville City Council. Joe does his homework and is energetic in his efforts to protect our neighborhoods. Instead of casting politically expedient votes, Joe studies the issues and then votes his conscience. He is dedicated to representing the whole city rather than catering to special interest groups. We are proud to support this fine candidate.

James H. Lawlor

Jim LawlorJoe McElroy has been one of the Naperville City Council’s most thoughtful members and in my opinion, he deserves to be elected.

I first came to know Joe through my volunteer work as Board President of a subdivision in south Naperville (Knoch Knolls). Joe regularly attends our events and was responsive to our residents.

It is important that council members are just as concerned with the southern half of the city as they are with Downtown and the northern half. In 2015, I voted early and Joe’s name was one of those checked off on my ballot.

Ali Setork, founder of DynaCom Management

As a long-term resident and business owner in Naperville, I have been familiar with Joe’s contribution to the City, especially when he was a member of Naperville City Council. He is highly educated and has long-term experience in urban planning. He has a down-to-earth character and is very easy to work with.  I look forward working with him on issues such as uplifting some areas of Naperville, electric rates, and the City’s permit process.  I endorse him without reservation.

Suzyn Price, District 203 board member and Derke Price, municipal attorney

“We have supported Joe McElroy since he first ran in 2009. Prior to joining the City Council, Joe and Derke sat on Plan Commission and worked on some significant issues together. Joe was always prepared, thoughtful and fair in his deliberations and discussion. He is an excellent communicator and believes in transparency in government. He is a strong supporter of our local neighborhoods, and also understands the need for economic development to maintain Naperville’s vitality. He is accessible, always willing to listen to citizen concerns and to advocate for residents. We urge you to vote for Joe for City Council. He is part of the excellence of our community.”

Gary Pradel

gary pradelI’ve known Joe McElroy for 20 years. In that time he has proven to be a thoughtful, sincere, and hard-working business person, council member, and friend. He has served his clients and the City of Naperville well with his desire to do the right thing at all times. His honesty and passion for serving is above reproach. You can rely on Joe to look out for the best interests of the citizens of Naperville.

Warren Dixon III, Naperville Township Assessor

I am pleased to wholeheartedly endorse Joe McElroy for Naperville City Council. He provides excellent experience, leadership, and integrity.

Rob Neufelder

Joe McElroy is a good leader in that he gets to know the facts before rendering an opinion. I appreciate the way he invested time to understand the basement backup issue and then worked with concerned citizens and City staff to address the issue.

John Harvard

Joe has a depth of knowledge on the City’s needs with common sense decision making.

Jeff Haake

Joe wants to hear what YOU have to say about Naperville. Joe listens. Joe cares.

Tom Cox

I endorse Joe for the Naperville City Council. I’ve known Joe for about 45 years, and I know where his heart is! There’s no one as committed to the success of our community than Joe McElroy. I urge you to cast your ballot for Joe McElroy!

Tom Dabareiner

Joe McElroy listens, studies and votes his conscience for what is in the best interest of Naperville. He is approachable, responsive and able to understand the complex issues facing this remarkable city. Joe is a city builder who will preserve what is best here while moving us forward.

Carol Schmidt

I first came to know Joe McElroy over ten years ago when Joe was a Plan Commissioner and I was a member of the Historic Preservation Commission and a Director for the East Central Homeowners Organization, which represents the city’s historic district and the surrounding area.  I have always been especially appreciative of just how accessible and responsive Joe is.  When the Naperville Historic Preservation ordinance was being updated, Joe walked through the Historic District with me to ensure he fully understood the issues. Joe has attended many ECHO neighborhood meetings over the years to listen to residents’ concerns.  And Joe always responds to phone calls and email. I enthusiastically support Joe for City Council.

Mary Derwinski

Mary Derwinski

Joe McElroy takes the time to understand an issue before voting on it. He actually drives the neighborhoods to see how a development would change an area. He does his homework. I don’t have the time to research every issue that would affect my quality of life in Naperville, so I want to elect someone who will do the research, listen to the people affected by the issue, and have the intestinal fortitude to vote for what is right. Joe is common sense embodied. We need to put him back on the City Council.

Bill and Sue Lisowski

Bill and Sue Lisowski

We have known Joe since our boys wrestled together at Naperville Central.  Throughout his public career we have seen the diligence and care he has taken to study the issues, solicit comments from the public, and craft reasonable solutions to complex and emotional problems.  His background in city planning and the years he spent on the Naperville City Council and Plan Commission combine with his integrity and overwhelming desire to make a positive impact on Naperville and its future.  Joe offers voters a strong candidate who will work on their behalf.

Don Wirth

I first met Joe at the Southside Irish Relocated St. Paddy’s Party where he first impressed me by taking his campaign in person to the folks! He is passionate about Naperville and its issues. I am endorsing Joe again because he makes a difference!!! Go, Joe GO!

Neil Shalin

Joe McElroy brings decades of experience as a small business owner, community leader and public servant to the Naperville City Council. His presence in government as a leader, manager and fiscal watchdog should make us all even more confident in the future growth and prosperity of our city.

Dick Kuhn

Dick Kuhn

Joe has no higher aspirations than to serve the city he so dearly loves. He has no other agendas and is as honest as the day is long.

Roger Beutler

Joe is the real deal. He will hear out all points of view. And he loves Naperville and the great people who want a truly fine community.

Karl Fry

Joe and I served together on the Plan Commission for several years. While we didn’t agree on every issue, I found him to always be a thoughtful, independent commissioner who considered all viewpoints and consistently made well thought-out arguments that balanced the interests of individuals with those of the overall community. Joe truly exemplifies the volunteer spirit of the City of Naperville and I strongly endorse him for re-election to the City Council.

Janice Anderson, Naperville Township Board

Janice Anderson, former DuPage County Board member

Joe McElroy believes in Naperville first.  His commitment to the electorate is demonstrated with his common sense approach to government.

Alice Wood

“I love that Joe is so approachable and down to earth. He has a great way of communicating his thoughts in an unbiased manner without being long-winded. Rare for a politician. I wholeheartedly support his re-election to the Naperville City Council.”

Gerry Heide

Gerry Heide

While Joe is studied and conversant on the topics whose understanding is essential in effectively running a city, it’s his common sense, measured approach in addressing important Naperville Issues that makes him especially attractive as a council member. Simply put, he cares about the things you and I care about — the sanctity of the neighborhood, the finances of the city and their impact on the taxpayer, efficient transportation systems, and the preservation of the natural resources that make Naperville the beautiful city that it is.  Vote for Joe!

Mary Lou Wehrli

Mary Lou Wehrli, DuPage County Forest Preserve Board Member

I admire Joe’s background in community planning and communication. His experience adds a valuable voice to the decisions faced by our City Council.

Tim Messer

Tim Messer

It was an honor to serve with Joe McElroy on the Naperville Plan
Commission in 2009. Since his election to City Council in 2011, Joe
has filled an important role. His background in community planning and
communications have served Naperville well. As a resident within the
East Central Homeowners Organization, I have found his input and
expertise on issues facing older neighborhoods such as the Historic
District to be particularly valuable. I support Joe’s re-election to
City Council.

Bill Mitchell

I believe that Joe has been an effective Councilman because he approaches his City Council responsibilities like a wise and trusted neighbor.

Jodi Trendler

Jodi Trendler

“Having worked with Joe over the past few years, I can attest that he is a dedicated public servant and visionary. His urban planning and community service background brings a deep and necessary understanding of what is needed to create a strong community from all levels including business, residents, community organizations and the municipality. I am honored having Joe as a current City Council representative, and welcome his continued service.”

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Vote for Joe McElroy April 2
Early voting begins in mid-March

Parade photo by Ron Hume; family photo by Brian Bates

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