4 things I’ll do in the next 4 years

Naperville is changing. The days of rapid growth and seemingly endless abundance are over.  We have more people with low incomes, and we have homes and commercial areas that look worn down.  We cannot govern a large, mature city the same way earlier councils governed a booming techno-burb in the late 20th century.

Here’s what I want to work on over the next four years:

*  Keep bringing quality jobs and tax base to town.  This helps reduce your property taxes.  Many commercial areas, like much of Ogden, need to be redeveloped.  Private investment flows to where it’s welcomed.  Let’s get this done.

*  Protect older neighborhoods.  Homeowners have a right to maximize their investment return, but if we replace all the moderately sized homes with much bigger ones on small lots, we will get even more flooding and nobody except rich people will be able to live here.  Encourage people to fix up their existing homes and keep our neighborhoods charming.

* Get more housing, probably townhomes and condos, near the downtown.  We’re way behind on this.  Go visit Wheaton or Arlington Heights, where thousands of people live downtown, which helps keep nearby businesses prosperous. We can–we must–accomplish this while protecting existing neighborhoods.

* Improve our infrastructure.  Years ago we improved our electrical service; now we need an updated water and sewer system. We can’t control Mother Nature but we can control how we respond to it.


Joe McElroy



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